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01-15-2014, 05:56 PM
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Honestly mine used to be garbage, now it's great, and now I can even launch a wicked one-timer, (depending on the quality/position of the pass to me).

-Wind up at least so the stick is horizontal in mid air behind you, and follow through quick. Don't hold the windup for a long time, unless gliding into a one-timer. Don't stop the stick when you hit the puck, follow through is important.

-With the follow through, the puck should raise and have velocity. The power depends on your strength, but technique is very important. Maybe use a lesser flex? I went from 85, put in an extension and my slappers have never been better (flex is at 76-78 because of extension).

-Footwork is also important, especially with one-timers. Bend the knees, I shoot left and my right knee is bent so much when I shoot. I used to bend at the waist moreso than kneees. Also, try to glide/coast into to pass and blast it. Go nuts. If you fall, who cares. Practice.

My slapshot used to glide along the ice with some power (not really though), but nothing like what I can do now. I have a great wrist shot so I avoided slapshots like the plague. Then I realized my snap shots were better than my slapshots, so it got me thinking that if I practiced more, I could really start hammering it.

This winter, I've been out at my local rink (outdoors, roof) about 15 times. My problem was consistency. About the 5th time out, I blasted a few and realized damn, I can do it. Every single time out I am getting more an more consistent. Sometimes I mess up, but that first time when you absolutely hammer a one-timer from a perfect pass bar-down on a's a beautiful feeling.

You CAN get better at this. For me I felt it hopeless. But I practiced and practiced and whenever I got an amazing shot off, I tried to copy my technique again and again. Consistency will come, and it will be worth it because you will shoot it hard and high once, and then fail 50 more times. But then as you keep practicing, you'll notice you will become more consistent.

Sorry for the long post!

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