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01-15-2014, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
Given where the cap is supposedly headed Hendricks contract isnt that bad. Never understood the worry over his 1.85 M. The issue was locking him into a roster spot for 4 years
You keep bringing up this point about his contract numbers but who in their right mind gives a grinder close to $2 million a year, let alone 3 of them making 1.85, 2.5 and 3.25? That's absurd and if you can cite any example of this on any other team I'd be happy to listen but you don't pay your 4th line grinders that type of money no matter what the cap is supposed to be. You pay guys market value or somewhat close. Hendricks is making about $1 million more a year than he should've been.

We spent $10.85 million/year for the 4 guys we signed this offseason. Couple that with the $3.25 we're giving Goose and that's $14.1 million/year for what? 26 goals and 29 assists. Combined. So on average that's about 5 goals and 6 assists per player for a whopping 11 points per player. There are three guys in the NHL that have more points than all of these guys combined. There's another 5 players within 6 points of this total. Yes, those players are the best of the best but we're spending $14 million dollars on 5 guys that have a total of 55 freaking points. Let's break that up in to some other numbers. Say we had spent that money on two players and got that production, that would be about $7 million a year for 27/28 points per player. Still not acceptable.

We needed to fill some roster spots. I get it. Spending that sort of money to do so was stupid any way you look at it. Get three grinders for $3 million total, maybe $4 million if Poile was feeling sassy. That still would've left $10-11 million to sign some top 6 guys, whether it be this year or next year or open up free space for a trade. While last year was a disaster and guys need time in Milwaukee to develop, I think that's an overused cliche and at some point you have to see if these guys can play. We can't score so we spend money on grinders. We have kids in Milwaukee that may not be defensive specialists but I would rather have seen a few of them up here learning the pro game than watching supposed team guys who were going to be tough to play against and not do what was advertised.

I get your point, it's not our money so why should we care. Well, the reason I care is because this team is an atrocity to watch, it's not fun, it's not good and it's not entertaining. And guess what, it is my money because when I buy tickets, it goes to the owners who then pay the players. While it's not a huge chunk by any means, if that's the way the team wants to spend their money, I will choose to hold on to my money until things change around here.

I'm actually astounded by the numbers breakdown that I just laid out. It's mind boggling to be perfectly honest. $14 million for 55 freaking points.

Just to give you an idea of how bad this is, Joel Ward has 27 points and he's getting paid $3 million a season. That's half of the points that these 5 have produced for us. Joel freaking Ward. I'd take Joel Ward back in a heart beat at this point. We said he wasn't worth the money he got. Well, anyone want to recant on that one?

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