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01-29-2004, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by BiLLY
The hit was perfectly legal... but it SHOULDN'T be. In this day and age shouldn't the league be smart enough to make ANY blow to the head illegal? Doig and Lindros have some sort of issue, I think. They seem to dislike each other, and Doig knew damn well he was hitting Lindros in the head. In my opinion it was cheap, legal but cheap. Stevens throws the same sort of hits, he AIMS for the head when he can, usually you can take the body without actually driving your shoulder or arm into the head. It should be made a major penalty to deliver ANY intentional blow to the head: cross check, knee, elbow, high stick, OR shoulder. And if you injure someone with an intentional head shot you should be forced to sit the same number of games, and lose the greater of either your salary or the injured player's for that number of games. I think guys would be a bit more careful, obviously some of them respect their finances a bit more than the health of their fellow players.

On the subject of whether Lindros is done, I doubt it. Maybe he SHOULD retire, but I think he'll be back in a couple of weeks.

On a seperate subject, legal or not, someone should have sent a SEVERE message to Doig. I would have liked to see someone cross check him forcefully in the chops, lets face it, the league wouldn't give you more than a game or two and its the only way to get the message into the heads of guys who would run at your best players. Shame, but its REALLY the only way.
Ok Billy, first of all you are upset about a perfectly legal hit that caught Lindros with his head down and thus you want the rules changed to allow everyone to skate around with their heads down and not worry about being popped but then you advocate someone purposely cross checking Doig in the face because he had the audacity to hit a guy who plays a very physical style. That seems pretty hypocritical to me.

It's not like Doig did a Darcy Tucker and left his feet in order to get him in the head. If Lindros' head wasn't down he wouldn't have taken the blow to the head he would have got it in the chest. Every guy in the league, except for Lindros, knows that you can't skate around with your head down. Changing the rules to protect one guy who just doesn't get it doesn't seem right. And while hitting star players who aren't physical players themselves is often frowned upon that really isn't the case for stars who play physicals styles and hit a lot themselves. Hitting Naslund draws a lot more ire than hitting Bertuzzi. Lindros lays a lot of big hits on the opposing teams and gets some coming back his way also and nobody has any problem but the guy has a problem skating with his head down and it has cost him time and again. Blaming Doig, or the league, or the rules doesn't make any sense to me when the only guy to blame is clearly Lindros himself.

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