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01-29-2004, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by fuhr
I'm absolutely amazed how many people on the HF boards are bashing Lindros and i don't get it. The "He Got What He Deserved" garbage and "Will He Ever Learn To Keep His Head Up" are in such poor taste. Whether you like the guy,his family or not is irrelavent but the fact that some of you are saying he got what he desreved is obsurd.

The guy has played great,for the most part,this season and give him credit for doing all he can to play the game he obviously loves. Funny,most of you bashed him when he played along the outside and now he tys to play his "power" forward style that made him a great offensive weapon and he gets bashed somemore.

As far as him keeping his head up if you watch the play he was and just put his head down for half a sec because the puck got away from him and he got nailed. It's no different then any other player who'd lose control of the puck for a sec and than looks down. In the past Lindros would skating around with his head down alot but this play was not one of them. If he just lets the puck go then everyone starts with "he's no longer a force"crap. So,you can't have it both ways and hammer at him no matter what.

Regardless,most of you guys should get off the guys back and actually pat the Big E on the back for trying to become the force he once was instead of just floating around and collecting his paycheque. Here's hoping he's OK and can come back soon.

amazing post, I totally agree

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