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01-29-2004, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by aonez
Im so sad for Lindros sake, he has done so much good but just got ***** back and some of the NHL players are so filthy human beings (Stevens *spit* Doig *spit*). They can just go to hell.
That's the other sad and surprising part of the reaction today..

Let's clear things up..

The hit was clean, so was the Stevens one, Doig did nothing wrong.. Lindros as laid many a clean hit like that himself.. That's hockey, and it's a great part of it, but everyone wants to see the guy get back up after..

Lindros does not play with his head down anymore, sometimes ANYONE has to look down to gather the puck for a moment.. That's what happened, and it was unfortunate..

Lindros has been an EXEMPLARY teammate and soldier for the Rangers.. He was bounced all over the lineup, and never made a peep.. We've yet to hear from his parents on ANY matter.. His play last year was much more perimeter, and he endured boo's at the garden (kind of deserved, but more of a sign of team failure), but he pointed the finger directly at himself, and came out this year ready to prove everyone wrong..

If not wanting to play for Quebec, and not single handedly delivering a Cup to Bobby Clarke are the mans biggest crimes against hockey, then whoopty- FRIGGIN- do.. John Elway never wanted to play for Baltimore, it happens, and its the guys right.. Yes, he must suffer the consequences for it, which should include getting booed, or razzed. It should NOT include applause for being concussed..

He should have received an instigator for dropping them after the hit..

Anything else?

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