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Originally Posted by American in Paris View Post
The hard slap-shot is the most overrated skill in hockey.

Think about it from the goalie's point of view. What matters most is the time between when he realizes you're about to shoot and when the puck crosses into the net.

On the shooter's end this translates into the following steps:

1) Position puck and body to take shot
2) Wind up
3) Release
4) Puck transit

Steps 1-3 probably account for 90%+ of the total shot time, and even more for most players' slapshots.

Most guys I know focus entirely on increasing the power of their shot, marginally improving step 4 and making very little difference in the total shot time.

Once you realize that it's the total shot time that counts and not just the puck transit time, it makes sense to work on developing a shot that balances power with a quick set-up and release, and the trade-off here is unavoidable.

If you want to feel like a tough guy, work on that hard slap shot.

If you want to score goals, work on reducing your total shot time.
I'm a defenseman, and my captain keeps saying I have to get a better slapshot to challenge the goalie. I watch a lot of NHL and 50%+ of the shots from Dmen when even strength are not slapshots.

My snapshot is harder than most of my team mates and reasonably accurate. Maybe I should work on flinging pucks to the net and letting my team mates tip it in or have it bounce around in traffic, instead of shooting this inconsistent almighty slapshot.

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