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01-16-2014, 07:15 AM
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Originally Posted by aufheben View Post
I think people severely underestimate how hard being a ref must be.
I've been an ice hokey official for 15 years and worked as high up as high school hockey. Yeah it is a tough sport to officiate and things move really fast at times so I can only imagine how fast the best players in the world do things.

That being said, anyone who think an on ice official has it "in" for a particular team is embarrassing themselves by posting it here. No way is it even possible and it would be so noticeable that the ref or linesman would be canned by the NHL right away.

I think what has happened this year is the officiating has been inconsistent. One day every little thing is called and the next, nothing is called. It seems like more judgement has been granted to the refs this year when it comes to stick fouls like hooking. Interference is also not called as tight as it was a few years ago either. The thing is though, that the NHL and the players have all already adjusted to the "new" standard of enforcement and no longer do you see players putting their stick into the mid section of another player to slow them down. So as a result, the refs don't need to call that as much and are not as concerned, most likely anyway, that if they let that little hook go that now everyone on the ice will start hooking- that fear is gone now that the players have adjusted. From the start officials are taught to manage the game and right now, the game, because of the heightened standards, kind of manages itself.

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