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01-29-2004, 03:58 PM
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I agree that a lot of poeple jump on him very fast for the smalest thing he can do.

But he's not the most adorable person in the NHL...

15 years old: refuse to go the OHL club who draft him (sault ste-marie???) not sure

18 years old: refuse to join the Nordiques who draft him (kind of a racial issiue rumours)

Plus he has been involved in the most rip trade in NHL history, that makes him look really like an underachiver, who are often consider as loosy player. (not saying he necesserly is)

Any way, My english being a little bit limited, it's very hard for me to expose my point and all the sutilities as I could do in french, but it's very clear for me why he is disliked like he is.


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