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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
Can you give us more of a report on him and why you think he's so great?
I don't think he's so great. I think he's a mediocre prospect. Just like Andersson, Yogan, Kantor and the rest of the lot. I just prefer him to the rest.

I try to look at a lot of different variables, weigh them, and then apply it to all prospects. What's the upside? How likely are they to reach that upside? What's the value of the player if he doesn't reach the upside? Those first and foremost. So, a guy like Kantor, he has limited upside, he's a decent bet to reach it, but if he doesn't, he never sniffs an NHL ice sheet. Skapski, I see a bit more upside, probably a bit more doubtful that he reaches it, but more value in him even if he doesn't. I'll take a decent AHL goalie over a decent AHL fourth line player.

I just see more value in a mediocre goaltender than a mediocre fourth liner. Or, like Andersson, a mediocre mid-pair AHL defenseman. Tambellini has more upside than either, but he also seems like the biggest risk to bust, and if he does, he has basically no value to us. He'll be Josh Nicholls, part two.

At this stage of the voting, we have a bunch of prospects that run the gamut from C-level to F-level. None of them are great, in any way shape or form. Maybe there's only a small difference, but it's enough to go from a D+ to a C- or something. Now look, I've only seen Skapski a few times. The same is true for Graves, Fogarty, and Tambellini. I don't see any of Andersson. I have a very limited basis for evaluating some of these guys. I judge them as best I can.

To actually answer your question: the couple times I've glimpsed Skapski, he appeared to be one of those goalies that gets better the more shots he has to face. If he's continuously engaged throughout the course of the game, he can look like a terrific prospect. Also, he seems to have the "amazing save" trait. It's also worth mentioning that Kootenay plays some awful defense in front of him. His numbers would look considerably better on a more consistent team. Go peruse through Twitter during or after a Kootenay game, and you often see complimentary tweets. I think he's a bit under the radar because of the quality of his team, and because goalie prospects are "boring" to many here.


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