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01-16-2014, 12:38 PM
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The Rangers aren't in "win-now" mode in the sense that we've always known it as Ranger fans.

"Win-now" for us meant trading away the few promising prospects or top picks we had for 30+ year old veterans for a season or half a season of "glory"; either to squeeze into the playoffs or to squeeze another round or two before getting eliminated. For the most part mgmt has kept our drafted players and even turned some of our UFA signings into younger players.

Anyway "The Plan" (which seems to be a popular topic these days) seems pretty evident to me. It has since the lockout. Try to ice a playoff team every season. Mostly keep the young players and draft picks. Try and pluck talent from the middle/bottom of the 1st round onward, because you likely aren't getting a top 5 pick.

And short of trading yourself out of the playoffs by moving Ludnqvist and most of the other quality players on the team, for the chance to string together some top picks that pan out, its the only plan. And lets be real here, no GM is going to trade itself out of a playoff spot. Ever.

Personally I have less issues with "the plan" than I do with those implementing it. I have little confidence in Sather and co. running the long game. The good teams like the ducks draft well and then lock up the players they believe should (Getzlaf, Perry etc) and get compensated for the ones they believe they shouldn't (Clowe, Penner, Ryan etc). The bad ones like the Devils draft poorly and let the few legit players walk for nothing because "they don't ever rebuild".

Which brings us to Callahan and Girardi. We are just going to wait and see what happens. As I have said before there is zero precedent here. This is first group of home-grown UFAs we've seen since the cap arrived. Regardless of all this "ZOMG THEY ARNT EVEN TRYIN TO SIGN OR TRADE THEM WHY U B SO LAZY GLEN!!1" I think the Rangers have an idea they want to do.

I just wont hold my breathe waiting to see if they are right.

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