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01-16-2014, 12:39 PM
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In reference to Nashville beating Chicago, that's not all that odd to me really. Chicago is actually a bit overrated as far as this season goes.

Anaheim is six points ahead of them in the same games played, Pittsburgh is one point behind with one less game played, and St. Louis is two points behind with four less games played. Chicago also has by far the worst ROW of the top four teams in the league and among the worst goal differential of the top four.

Chicago: 26 ROW/+42 GD
St. Louis: 28 ROW/+63 GD
Anaheim: 34 ROW/+50 GD
Pittsburgh: 30 ROW/+41 GD

Chicago is a great team, but they could be much better compared to the other top teams really. St. Louis and Anaheim are blowing them away really and Pittsburgh is pretty on par with them this season. I also remember all three of Nashville, Toronto, and NYI destroying the Blackhawks at one time or another this season.

I know where Chicago is in the standings and everything, but people make them out to be some kind of dynasty or crazy good team. However, as far as this season goes there's two teams that have definitely been better and they're about on par with Pittsburgh.

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