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Originally Posted by Wixztor View Post
True, but in fairness, Mez has turned those point totals up lately. In the beginning of the season he kind of didn't have the fundamentals covered enough to care about offense. Over 82 games, Mez's PPG should become higher than Gus's. For what it's worth, he is a plus player too.

Don't get me wrong, he hasn't been good, but if Mez finds his way back he is better than Gus. He's got more physicality and size while still having good skating ability. There's an edge on Gus that is relevant. A chunk of bad games out of 27 this season is not enough to dismiss him totally. In this case he's got the excuse of the injuries, and even if he didn't, players slump for entire seasons sometimes.

I'm probably coming off as a Mez fanatic, but I'm not. I just see the possibility of him maybe, maybe hitting his stride. And that, rationally, makes me want to see if it can work out. Flyers short-sightedness and all that.
I agree with you. The Mez hate around here gets out of hand a lot of the time, although it has been warranted in many games. But this guys coming off of a lot of time off due to injury, I'm not surprised its taking him this long to get back into his game. The guy was great for us before, and we've been getting flashes of it recently. He's made a lot of horrendous plays in the D zone (or leading to rushes against), but I feel like he's starting to make the right plays more often as well. We don't have any other dman that can jump into the play like him (other than Kimmo doing it occasionally).

With Kimmo's future up in the air, we may have room for him and I'm willing to give him that look. I would like to see Gus get more games than he is though.

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