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01-16-2014, 02:05 PM
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^^^ Since when did skate boots have "holes drilled into them"? Even if there are holes drilled into them with the amount of synthetics used in their manufacturing processes its not they they breathe much at all either.... Regardless, I'll be interested in learning how these socks are received by the players, whether or not they are practicable, and I should say that yes, I love the concept but Im highly skeptical of their performance qualities in that they could create another set of problems in that they dont breathe, tiring players faster, causing sizing problems with skates as excessive moisture will build in the boot holes or no holes.

Also, Im moving this thread to The Rink, as its more an equipment & developmental issue with no real Business of Hockey relevancy. But a very interesting topic none the less, so thank you Lady Stanley... we can carry on over here.

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