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Originally Posted by Matt Carle Place View Post
I just don't understand how people are comfortable with the thought of doing everything possible to compete over the next 2-3 years and possibly mortgaging the future for it, especially when it is clear as day that this team just isn't talented enough to win the Cup is everything remains status quo (i.e. re-signing Girardi and Callahan on big contracts). That shortsightedness has doomed us to be the least successful Original Six team in the NHL. 4 Cups in 88 years. 1 Cup in 74 years. That is pathetic.

Do we really want Sather to be making these type of decisions when he doesn't give a **** about the long term viability of this team. He is 70, going on 71. All jokes that he'll be GM to his grave aside, Sather realistically has 5 years max left before he retires. His entire position has always been built around legacy. His decisions are those made to try and cement his legacy in hockey. Of course his time in Edmonton has already done that, but that legacy was entirely built on Wayne Gretzky, the greatest player to ever lace skates. There is no no other sport where there is such an enormous gap between the greatest player of all time and the one or two players are considered to be next best. Sather famously chirped that with NY's deep pockets and FA attractiveness he would be able to win a Cup here with ease. How much do you think it haunts an egomaniac like Sather that he has failed to fulfill such a prophecy and has done so miserably. How much do you think he is going to try and stop his name from being synonymous with mediocrity and failure in NY. He is getting desperate as time is running out. 14 years with one Eastern Conference final to show for it, one in which his team was embarrassed by his cross river rival.

That is why as smart as it would be to trade Girardi and Callahan for young assets and take the hit for the next couple years, Sather won't do it. I think we all realize that. To praise it like Chuck is imbecilic. Sather doesn't care whether the next GM will be left with bloated contracts with depreciating assets because it is not in HIS best interests to do so. Let us be real, how Sather has managed this team has never been in the best interests of the organization, but rather what he thought was the in the best interest of HIS legacy. Why would Sather take the hit now, ensure that the last years of his management will be anchored by even more mediocrity and loss, such that it will set up the next GM to benefit.

That is why Sather will either re-sign Girardi and Callahan or try to win with them this year at the risk of losing them to FA. Because who gives a **** about the future when (a) you are not much longer for your job; (b) you have Grade-A job security from your scrotum-faced boss; (c) you are absolutely desperate to win something; and (d) there is no way I'm sacrificing a chance at my legacy so that some other guy can benefit from it in the long-run.

There is no long-term plan here. It is just Sather's short-term plan because his ego is writing checks his mind and body can't cash. For someone like Chuck to say he has a long-term view is stupid. To praise him? Go home, you're drunk.
Well said.

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