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01-27-2007, 08:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Pizza View Post
Is Cally good or what? I mean seriously, anybody have any predictions on how he'll do in MSG?
See, thats the thing, and keep in mind im basing this off of 1 game, nothing more, but the kid just seems to find himself in perfect position for gimme goals. Its not like the guy uses his speed to blow by people, or he powers his way to the net, or whatever, he just seems almost....lucky.

i hate to say that, since im basing it on such a tiny sample size, but nothing about his game screamed out to me that hes going to be a gamer. He just seemed to be....fortunate.

Obviously you have to put yourself in those situations by reading the play (hockey sense, check), by putting the puck in the net (finishing skills, check), etc.

A guy like dubinsky, though he didnt contribute much offensively, made his presence known by making things happen, using his body, powering through, etc. Korpedo used some speed and skill to make things happen, Baranka showed some good play as well.

Again, dont take this is a slam on the kid, i just dont know enough about his game to say anything other than what i noticed in this one game.

assuming the rangers are off on the 17th of Feb, I will surely be catching their next telecast.

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