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01-16-2014, 03:38 PM
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I think Charlie presents a rational argument, I simply disagree with the premise of any discussion that concludes with a situation in which the status quo remains and the team is left twisting in the wind with desperate hopes of catching lightning in a bottle.

Whats that quote so often misattributed to Einstein? Something to the effect of repeating the same action over and over while expecting very different results?

At this point we know what the approximate upper and lower performance bounds of this team, at its core construction, is; the Rangers are a perennial playoff contendor with various fatal flaws that will preclude them from seriously challenging for the Cup.

That outcome is very attractive to certain small market clubs and teams fueled by a nucleus of young players that we can reasonably project to improve. These teams can count on the continued development of young players coupled with the accrual of assets in the 2-3 years going forward to help them overcome the failures of that season.

That aforementioned outcome is not attractive to a team with a muture or fading nucleus that lacks the luxury of time to reinforce the roster with future assets. We can clearly agree on which side of the ledger the Rangers currently reside (hint: when your core players are nearing UFA you're window is getting long in the tooth).

The Rangers are at a juncture in which change for the sake of change could be positive for no reason more important than the educated assumption that this current team is constructed to fail. Change, especially change with a logical direction towards the future, inspires hope and ambition to achieve results outside of what we are currently experiencing. If change results in the Rangers missing the playoffs for 2-3 seasons was it really much worse than maintaining the status quo and failing in the first or second round of the playoffs? At the end of the day both scenarios leave us hoping for more, yet the former scenario has the ability of providing us with assets that we can leverage to transform that hope into reality.

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