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01-16-2014, 03:20 PM
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We have had 10 skaters our first 9 games, now we have 11. Best Rotation?

Hey all. Quick question, we are 9 games into our season and have had 10 skaters every game. Its obviously worked out well with that number because we have 6 forwards and 4 defenseman.

None of us have played together before(for the most part), so we took a couple games to let guys play different positions, see who liked to play where, who was good where, and see who worked well together.

The last few games have been great, good shifts, quick changes, everyone knew where to be, and when to change, and we were playing really well.

Last night an 11th guy joined. Which is fine. However, it just messed everyone up.
Nobody really knew how to properly cycle in the odd man.

The first period, we cycled 5 defenseman. Second and third period, one forward would just sit two consecutive shifts each time through(although this kind of threw off the positions that many people were getting used to).

Whats the ideal way to cycle 11 guys on a team? Is there a best way?

Its not my call, but I was thinking of possibly suggesting 4 regular defenseman, 4 regular wings, and having 3 centers each swap out. Center being the position(in my mind) that the most is expected of. Thus, keeping them the most fresh.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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