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About Yourself
Name: Rob Lowery
Age: 23
Location: Trenton Ontario
Origin of Screen Name: my name

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 1994-2002 2010-present
Current Team:
Current League: military league
Highest Level Played: AA
Current Level: pretty well shinny
Position: everywhere play with alot of guys who didnt play as kids
Type of Player: shooter
Player You Emulate: none really i just go out and have fun

Current Gear
Helmet: bauer
Shoulders: vic heritage when i wear them
Elbows: graf foam ones
Shins: bauer .6
Gloves: sherwood t90 pros
Skates: reebok 10k (these skates were horrible until i got a pair of superfeet)
Stick: shrwood n10 and n12 (both amazing for the price)

Hobbies: ps3, hunting and fishing
Movies: action/comedy
Music: little bit of everything
TV: archer
Food: any
Drinks: beer/anything
Hockey Team: vancouver canucks
Hockey Player: trevor linden

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