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01-29-2004, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk
Kazo - It was great back in the older days when the GAG line meant Goal-A-Game and not what Hlavac-Nedved-Kovalev makes me do every time I see them together..That's what Sather has done to the Rangers for me..I don't cheer or boo, I just GAG....Hlavac the Horrible is purely hearless and one of the most embarassing player to wear the ranger sweater--up there with Kamensky and Brent Fedyk....And your assessment of nedved and Kovalev is spot one....Inconsistent, impotent and invisible...WHile Sather should be trying his hardest to deal these three nimrods (and I loved Kovalev), the least he could do is a public lynching of Hlavac and replacing him with anybody that has a pulse...Give Ortmeyer a shot, he's about the only Ranger that deserves a promotion..
As far as deals go Sather is caught, once again, in a catch 22. Hlavac has no trade value at all. Nedved and Koavalev do but the Rangers are still in the playoff hunt and they will be until after the trade deadline. So, once agin, players with value won't be moved so that the Rangers can once again make that futile pursuit for that 8th seed. And if anyone tells me that Moore, Murray, or even MacDonald couldn't contribute something, I'd say you know nothing about the game.

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