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01-29-2004, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by RE-HABS
I hardly watch Coaches Corner, but because it was a Hab game I did. I was quite offended by his remarks and emailed CBC the next day...surprise, I never did receive a return email.

This is my email to the:To the CBC,

When is the CBC going to wake up and realized that the Canadian Tax payer is sick of seeing Don Cherry talk for 5 minutes every Saturday night while making $700,000 a year from our tax dollars? He is clearly prejudice against Europeans and French Canadians after saying on "Coaches Corner" that only Europeans and French players wear visors and give these players a reputation of being weak or even implying that they are "Gay" with his overtones, jesters and voice mocking. I am quite offended by his actions and after seeing them last night I realize why I and many of my friends and family now watch hockey on TSN, RDS, Regional channels or Sportsnet. His actions never go punished and you let that idiot get away with it every Saturday, every year!

With the tax dollars being collected from Newfoundland to British Columbia and all the way to the Yukon/NWT and so on why are we only to here his rants about the Leafs and Toronto too? We have 6 teams, 6 teams in Canada!!! But yet we only hear about that team and his silly tirades on not being a man if you want to protect your eyes and that your child will call you a sissy if you wear one. We are supposed to be teaching kids to love to play hockey, to have fun and that you don't have to be pressured into doing something stupid on the ice because of your parents with the commercials you see on TV. What kind of message is Don Cherry giving if he is saying to kids that your a sissy or not strong if you protect your eyes with a visor? He failed to state that Iginla, Sakic, Lindros, Kariya and MacIniss who are all English speaking Canadians and NHL Stars wear visors...are they sissy's and weak too? Worse yet what kind of message is he sending to kids on how to treat people who are different from you just because they are French or European (or even a different race), it is time to pull the plug on that Biggot and to make CBC a Public Broadcasting TV channel again with some new faces, new ideas and people who aren't stuck in the stone age.

Its time to change your format and some of your broadcasting group before it is too late and too many people change the channel.

This is the second time I have written the CBC about Cherry and his actions, obviously you don't care about the Canadian Tax payer and average viewer. One can see why you are failing in the HNIC on Saturday Nights because you seemed to be failing in every other program your broadcasting on the CBC too. I believe in Canadian content, but I don't believe in Don Cherry and his antics. The CBC is going to have the same black eye and tarnished image he has too if something isn't done.

A Concerned Hockey Fan,
Great email RE-HABS!!! I'm glad you also touched on the fact that the coverage of the leafs versus the other Canadian teams.

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