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01-16-2014, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by mattw4466 View Post

First off I'm not a beginner I'm 25 and have been playing for 20 years, and for all 20 of those years my slapshot has been garbage haha.

I'm 5'8 200 pounds, I use a 77 flex Total One.6 that I cut down to 92 flex, so I use a short stick, with a pm9 blade.

I just have a couple questions:

Are you supposed to keep your bottom elbow locked on the back swing/foreswing? Because currently the best slapshot I can get is when I keep my elbow bent on the back swing and extend it into the ice right before I make contact with the ice.

When people say to snap your wrists forward on the follow through, is that right when you make contact with the puck or after?

I get a better slapper when I put my bottom hand lower on the shaft, past the mid point, does that mean I'm putting my hand past the kick point of the shaft? Or do mid kicks flex at the bottom hand, regardless of placement?

Should most of the force be going through the puck, as in parallel with the ice, or forward and down, sort of split between the ice and the puck?

Lastly, given that I use a pm9 blade, where on the blade should I be striking the puck? It seems that the hardest shots I get are when I strike the puck between the mid point of the blade and the heel.

]Thanks guys.
Your elbow shouldn't be locked on the wind up. You should lock it when your stick hits the ice in order to flex it and follow through.
The snapping of the wrist comes after you strike the puck, just as it gets airborne, giving it the spin to fly accurately and fast.
Don't worry about your hand being under the kick point, that's because you cut your stick, so now your lower hand is past the mid kick of your stick. It doesn't make any difference.
For the pressure you apply, I can't tell you where it has to go exactly, but everyone winds up in a different manner. Some hit the ice only 3 inches behind the puck, and some others hit the ice a full foot behind it (I do). I'm not as heavy as you are, so I really need to lean in my shot to get a rocket out of it.
The curve doesn't really matter. Generally, the mid-heel portion of the blade is the sweet spot for slap shots. Don't hit it off the toe, you won't get a lot of power and the puck won't fly straight.

Hope it helps.

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