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01-29-2004, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by The Big Aristotle
I might get flamed for this, but what the hell. They are controversial and that is what makes them so entertaining. ...somethings that make you think, wow, that really makes sense. I do see French Canadians and Europeans wearing the visors the most. I don't know if it is true or not though, it is just my opinion. High sticking in my opinion only became a problem in the last five to ten years. Don Cherry I believe is a good Canadian and a good man. These are just my thoughts. The thoughts of The Big Aristotle.
You seem to like controversy, eh? Well, this is not a flame but....

The things that he "makes sense" are things that others have said before him. So, as I said in another post, he is just a voice in the chorus on those issues.

Sakic, Reechi, Iginla, McInnis.... are they french? Maybe the other guys are just sissies for giving into peer pressure and playing without a visor?

High sticking has always been a problem. Remember Pierre Mondou in the 80's. Why do you think his career got cut short?

I appreciate an intense game, I like big hits and tight checking. A game where guys go all out. Guys who are protecting their faces and head's look like shiny hockey players. Protect your eyes! You cannot replace them. When it comes time for a scrap, do as the good ol' boys in the WHL juniors do it, they take off their helmets.

Cherry, a good Canadian, eh? Does a good Canadian try to drive a wedge between the two solitudes, a place where we do not need to stir up old feelings? That is as bad as a Parti Quebecoise leader who say that the referendum was lost because or ethinics and money. A good Canadian builds bridges, not burn down his neighbour's house. Just because he draps himself in the flag, doesn't make him a good Canadian.

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