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01-17-2014, 07:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
You know, or it is the complete opposite.

Many argue that we in NY never rebuild and never are willing to sacrifize now for the future. I mean, if you have been around from 94' till now, its hard to argue that that isn't exactly what we have been doing since 03'.

One thing nobody can argue is that we in NY ever have been patient. Its always, try something else. I am not saying that we don't have to make some tough decisions, and that anyone shall be resigned at all costs and what not. But I don't think its a default option to dump Cally and G and buyout Richards.

Its real easy to think, will the team we have now win the cup? No? Then dump them and tear the team apart.

Then in 2 years, will McD, Kreider and Stepan win us a cup? No? Then dump them and tear the team apart.

Then in another 2 years, will X, Y and Z win us a cup? No? Then ...

You know, if you look at a team like Boston, they were very avg for a long time. If you put yourself in a Boston fans cloth, right before winning the cup almost, they have no future. Chara is pressured. They have no fire-power. Little depth. They are just very very mediocre. Then all of a sudden, out of no-where, Milan Lucic takes "another" step, they loose Savard but in comes Krejci from no-where, Marchand comes in from no-where. A bunch of D's who has very little rep. are developed by them. Wideman. Seidenberg. So forth. They get a new coach who takes that team in the right direction with a really creative passing game from their D's that enables their PF's to fire away, and they win a Cup. Picked up Horton who was a looser in FLA real cheap. They robbed Toronto in that Kessel trade.

I am in principle not against a true rebuild, but the timing for that is not now. You can't do it half-assed. That seems to be the worst option.
Except that in two years Stepan and Kreider will be entering their prime while Girardi and Callahan are about to leave theirs in two years. I must have missed the part where Callahan and Girardi only got here two years ago and all of us "impatient" fans have given up on them in a short period of time.

This argument is ridiculous Ola. The only people who would advocate trading Kreider and Stepan two years from now because the TEAM didn't win a cup would be morons.

Girardi and Callahan gave this team their best, and that core came close. The window is closed. Time for something new. It won't happen though. You'll get your wish, I'm almost sure of that.

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