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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
Talked with a couple of the scouting friends last night and they mentioned that the Flyers hold three defensemen in this upcoming draft in high esteem - Haydn Fleury, Jack Glover and Roland McKeown. The Flyers absolutely love Fleury and would love to move up to get him. They're convinced Fleury is a top five guy and that he has just as much upside as Ekblad does. The problem though is that moving into the top five is going to cost them a roster player (Brayden Schenn's name has come up), a prospect (Scott Laughton or Sam Morin) a first this year and first next year. The Flyers think this is too steep a cost to move into the top five. They'll try all they can to move up, but at the end of the day, if the cost is too high, they'll stick where they are.

The other thing that came up was just how heavy the Flyers are scouting and drafting defense as of late. One of the things that the scouts mentioned as that while the Flyers don't mandate drafting by position or need, there has been an organization shift in terms of draft emphasis and that the Flyers really want to build a deep and elite group of defensive prospects. From what the guys were saying, the Flyers would like to be 10 to 12 deep in high end defensemen prospects and that right now, while they're very pleased with the group they have, they want at least three or four more high end defenders.
1. A top 5 pick won't cost you a top5 pick from 5 years ago who developped into a 50 point forward, a top prospect and two firsts.
You could get something like Weber for that kind of deal.

2. Very liberal use of the word high-end. No one has 12 high-end defense prospects. Not even 12 high-end prospects, period.

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