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01-17-2014, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by JaeTM View Post
Gotcha. Thanks. Funny enough the one that actually moves is the one that makes noise lol. It's not that loud though.

The others are barely moving. Like I said, they move about once or twice around and then just stop. It's pretty bad. I'm hoping theyre just super dirty because the rink I play at, they rarely clean the rink off.

I'll give the cleaning a shot before buying new stuff. Thanks man.
if you are having this much of an issue, it's probably too late.

but go on ahead and clean them.

Since you are playing on a dirty rink, you probably need to be cleaning your bearings at least once a month. It is a pain to do because it is slow work, but its absolutely worth the effort. Just do it while watching a game.

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