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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
Difference: all of those teams have the money tied in players who are worth it. Nash isn't worth his pay. Callahan and Girardi won't be. Hank is great but overpaid a bit, worth it. McD is worth it. Richards will be bought out.

Also when they are 34 or 35 they aren't going to be worth ****. Of course you would trade them then. Unfortunately once the Rangers over pay them no one will want them for anything of significant value. That's why you trade them now. Maximize value and try something new. They are the old core. This obsession with overpaying them because they were the core of a team run completely different under Torts is absurd. You pay them because they fit going forward and will be worth their next contract.
Yup, and I had hoped that this organization learned its lesson from their past free agent signings that you don't overpay complimentary players more than they are worth. Drury, Rozsival, Redden, and Gomez - all were overpaid and none of them lasted here for the duration of their contract term, and Richards might as well be added to that list since he will in all likelihood be bought out.

The difference with Callahan and Girardi is that they are homegrown so there is a sentimentality about them and fans don't care if they get overpaid, but the end result may be the same as the players mentioned above - in a few years, our GM may be looking to dump Callahan and Girardi because they are injured/underperforming relative to their cap hit/etc.

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