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Originally Posted by Hammer8 View Post
I am officially at a loss at this point.

It's easy to point the finger at Eakins. But I watch the consistent miscues of Gagner and gang and it's like watching a Tier 5 community team play a AAA rep team in how they make their decisions. It's like they've been bred to play offense only.

There can be no way Eakins is teaching players to ignore the trailer, leave the slot open, make bad pinches, etc etc. Those are individual decisions and once made cue the Chinese Fire Drill in our end, we lose all zone composure and begin to chase the puck, which winds up in our net.

After more than half a season they can no longer say they are confused from so many coaches so remove that excuse. Gagner, Eberle and many others are making the same defensive mistakes they made under all the other coaches.

I believe they drafted some very stubborn players who only played the game one way. They also drafted players devoid of leadership.

MacT also gambled on quantity vs quality for defensemen with his multitude of signings/trades this past off-season, all of which were of the same mold, soft puck movers.

Our lack of size, grit, character and will also shows through in spades.

I am not sure Eakins or Scotty Bowman would be successful with this group of players. We simply have the wrong mix of players.

My avatar says it all about this team.
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