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Originally Posted by McRanger View Post
I wasn't comparing Sather as Rangers GM to Smith as Rangers GM. If I had to choose between 2 horrifically bad GMs I would choose the one that won a cup. I was comparing Sather as Oilers GM during the same time Smith was here. They both won cups in the 90's and despite that I do not think either of them did a particularly good job. Especially in the 2nd half of the decade.

You're delusional if you think Smith's late 90's UFA signings aren't as bad as Sathers. The terms were shorter and the money smaller because that was the way UFA contracts were signed back then, but the signings were just as bad. Fleury. Kamensky. Quintal. Hatcher. Lefebvre. Kirk McLean.That is just who he signed in 1999. He also traded for Rich Pilon, Rob DiMaio and Alexandre Daigle. This is who he added to the team in the span of about six months. SIX MONTHS. In that same period he traded away Marc Savard and Mike Knuble.

As for drafting, Weight, Zubov and Kovalev were all drafted in Neil Smiths first 2 years. Nemchinov as well. And that's it. For the next decade he was unable to draft anyone of consequence except Savard and Nordstrom, both of who he traded before they had any impact with the team. All of them were traded and had their best years elsewhere, save maybe Zubov. And to top it all off Smith's parting gift was to draft 3 forwards in the top 9 that busted.

People say that Sather is the worst GM in the history of sports. At least on this board they do. But even if you discount everything that happened in the 1980's, Sather's Oilers won a cup and went to a couple of conference finals in the 1990's. And they did it without the financial backing of MSG. They did it without being an even remotely desirable location for free agents.

If Sather is the worst GM of all time, what the hell does that make Smith?

The team would be better off without EITHER of them anywhere near it.
2nd worst.

I think NS was much better than Sather has shown to be here in NY.

You can try to minimize the selections of NS all you want. He did in 2 entry drafts what Sather hasn't been able to do in 13

as for the UFA signings, they were done with a specific purpose in mind.

We can go back and forth regarding the moves he made and you can continue to look at the names and I will look at the reasons.

NS recognized that the time had come to move the franchise in a different direction and acknowledged his intent ti doing that. Stating publically that teh contracts handed out were 1.) At the behest of Dolan and 2.) Contracts designed in length to term out when the new blood was set to take over.

This is not revisionist history. This is exactly what happened. They had the highest payroll and missed the PO's for a 3rd straight year. Dolan was livid and fired NS for what he thought was going to be a better GM that could bring about different results.

More bad drafting, more bad UFA signings, more bad trades, more missed PO's and 4 coaching changes later....

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