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01-17-2014, 01:12 PM
Thank You Hinkie!
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Talking about Holmgren gives me agita....especially since I've posted my arguments ad naseum as to why I think he is basically an average GM who looks brilliant when his gambling exploits work out but otherwise inconsistent and doesn't seem to have a real sustainable/longitudinal plan. He just seems to be all over the board and has to fix a lot of his own mistakes....some more ergegious than others.

I don't question his will to win and he is pretty good with eyeing talent. He should get credit for assembling the scouting staff. I just don't think he is the GM that is capable of assembling a true Stanley Cup contender let alone Ikea furniture any longer. Problem is that Hextall is a bigger unknown and not sure how many relationships he's established with other GM's..that does count for something when trying to wheel and deal.

Anyway..I thought Holmgren did very well in his initial year as GM but in between that and the Richards and Carter trades his record is questionable (keeping Stevens wayy too long, managing the cap poorly that lead to the loss of Upshall and some other players that screwed up playoff chemistry and the whole Leighton and Boosh fiasco which lead to Bob being mishandled and some other blowback)...same with after the Richards and Carter trade. Thought he was even more questionable and didn't follow those trades up properly and we actually regressed some especially if they miss the playoffs again. The Bryz fiasco and all the fallout from that along with keeping Lavi too long should not be just blown off and he bears responsibility for the fallout which so far has been one missed season of playoffs.

If they do miss the playoffs AGAIN...I don't think he will be fired but may step down. We'll see how the Flyers play with the schedule that is coming up and the Olympic layoff...not to mention the goaltending reverting to AVERAGE. Holmgren has a lot riding in this second half....

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