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01-17-2014, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Nash Money View Post
Apparently Living Social is offering great "deals" on the games. Wonder if people buying here have ever heard of stubhub.
Originally Posted by trueblue9441 View Post
wow.. anyone just get this email? stadium series now on livingsocial.. vip packs right now but im sure the regular seats will be too
This is not coming from the NHL or Yankees, it looks like this company "PrimeSport" bought out several sections with the intention of selling packages but the market never materialized at their price. Now they're dumping to salvage whatever they can.

It's the weirdest ad ever,
"Famous NYC Ball Park" instead of "Yankee Stadium"
"Pro Hockey Teams" instead of "NHL"
"New Jersey or Long Island foes" instead of "Devils & Islanders"

If you decide to buy, get 3 other people to buy because living social gives you the deal for free when three other people buy with your link. Also there's a $20 off code "LSJAN20" and you can get 4% cashback using

So doing the math if 4 people shared the costs equally (with the free 4th ticket):

( ($290-$20) x 3 ) * (1 - 4%) = $776.60 / 4 = $194.40 per ticket, which is still well above market, so that VIP package in the Legends would have to really be worth your while for this deal to make sense

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