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01-28-2007, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by 35 and 14 View Post
Sorry, you guys dont have a clue what you're talking about.

Im a Rangers/Kings fan, living in kings-land, and I've had to suffer through the Avery era here.

People only like him because hes "entertaining," the standards here for actual good hockey players can be quite low. He's also very fast, which is great, except he doesnt have any skill whatsoever to accompany it.

-He cant shoot to save his life. Check his shooting %. Also count the fact that he doesnt hit the net roughly 75% of the time.
-He still takes stupid penalties. Constantly.
-Nobody in the league fears him, he fights like ****, and everyone gets up just fine after he hits them. There is no intimidation there. I think there is a whole different feeling on the ice when Hollweg climbs over the boards.
-He dives.
-He has NO idea how to pass the puck.
-He cannot play defense AT ALL. You'd think he'd make a great penalty killer with his speed and fiestiness. Negative.
-He doesnt play in the corners at all.
-Hes horrible away from the puck. In the offensive zone. He looks lost.
-He's a lockerroom *******. This isnt just hearsay, either. Its truth.

The only reason he's accumulated any points this year, is that the Kings are so bad, Avery is actually playing on the second PP.

I will officially stab myself in the face if the Rangers get him.

that was a great post and the ending didn't disappoint

I don't have a clue about Avery so I'll take your word for it.. I have never liked him, if he can tear up a locker room which seems to be his M.O. really, I don't see why this team would even consider getting him because if there's one thing we have that you can be happy about is the way this team is off the ice and in the locker room

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