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Originally Posted by squilber View Post
That starts with a better team. They do try here, but it's what I called a manufactured product. Loads of gimmicks at the games, cheerleaders, homer announcers (Potvin to boot), and a silly mascot. I always complain when I go, to which I am told, "aw, come on, it's for the kids..."
Yeah, that's the thing. The excess crap is what comes with the expansion teams. They feel like they have to put it over the top. A lot of these teams just lack good coaching and a good front office. Luongo was a terrible break for Florida.

Originally Posted by Edge View Post
I think from a talent perspective Bo is right up there with him. Now I do agree that in time, Bo could be on that kind of level.

I think from an offensive standpoint, they are both pretty close though it should be noted that Bo has about two years on Phaneuf. However (and this really just opinion) I think Phaneuf has the higher offensive ceiling. To me assists are a little easier to come by if you're in a situation to get them than goals. In time I think Phaneuf will see his assist numbers rise and will on average put up around 10-15 more points a year than Bo.
I agree, Phaneuf does the higher offensive ceiling, and that is because of his style of player. I'm sure as you've watched Phaneuf, he has more of a tendency to go end-to-end with the puck, while Bouwmeester is a guy who sneaks in the backdoor with a shot, and lets the offense generate the play. Phaneuf is a high-risk kind of defender in that sense though. But I agree, Phaneuf's offensive numbers will be better. He also has a slightly better shot if you ask me.

But I think Phaneuf's ability to combine that with a nasty edge really just adds so much to his game. He's a monster in the crease, he's a very solid hitter and he's intimidating. It's kind of like Scott Stevens, if you took out his physical side you'd still have had a very good defenseman but that physical side just adds so much to his game. I mean really Phaneuf is a do anything type defenseman.
I think the Stevens comparisons were bang on from day one when I saw him knock Olesz's lights out at the WJC in 04.

A lot of my opinion comes down watching them since juniors. Bo, to me at least, never seemed to be showing me everything he had. In a lot of ways he reminded me of Malakhov. He was a big kid who could skate, move the puck and take over a game physically....if he wanted to. But I wonder about his ability to put everything together sometimes. I think in the end he is a very good young defenseman, but I just wonder if he ever becomes all that he should be.
I don't like the Malakhov comparison. I think Bouwmeester is a far better skater, and is far better defensively, ESPECIALLY one-on-one. Nevermind the positional aspect of the game... Malakhov was as poor as they come, positionally. He had million dollar talent, and a 10 cent head. Bouwmeester is not a soft defender, I don't know if you're trying to say that he's somewhat soft, but from what I've seen, he's definitely not. I think if anything, he plays like Scott Niedermayer with size, than Scott Stevens. I'm not comparing Jay-Bo to either of those two, but I think he's a very smooth, effortless skater, who while he doesn't throw big hits, has the ability to body off the forward and crunch him.

Phaneuf on the other hand, has never left me wondering. I was a HUGE fan of the kid back in 2003 and I can remember telling people even then that the kid had far more upside than they realized (got in to some tooth and nail conversations about his offensive upside that makes me smile now). Personally he was my pick of the top 3 defenseman that year but a big thing is that he goes all out.
I actually had him in my top-3 wish list that year in 03. I wanted him real bad. A source of mine said that there was a trade brewing between the Rangers and Flames to move up, but it never came to be. I didn't think Coburn would be as good as him, that still puzzles me, as to why Atlanta picked Coburn over Phaneuf. Suter I think got the boost up in the draft because of his last name. I still think he'll be a good defender, but I can't say that I would have taken him over Phaneuf on that day. Imagine how Nashville would look with Phaneuf, and the poor man's version of him, Shea Weber... that would be scary.

To me it seems that Phaneuf is still pretty raw and doing some amazing things whereas at this point Bo is almost to the point of what you see is what you get. In the end I just think that Phaneuf can do everything Bo can and more just creates too much of a gap. Phaneuf is an EXTREMELY rare combination. Calgary isn't likely to ever let that kid go, whereas Bo I can see as being far more "touchable" so to speak.
I'm not sure about that, Bouwmeester being near his peak. That's the kind of game he's going to play, but I'm sure his offensive numbers will go up in time. Remember, Florida is the 5th worst team in the east in goals scored. They need some help up front. Horton is young. Olesz is young. Weiss is young, and still has potential. I haven't given up on him yet. Frolik if he ever gets his stuff straight could be a force. Stewart can be a good power forward. McArdle could possibly be a gritty 2nd/3rd liner with scoring touch. They've got a good future on offense, so I'm not ready to say that Jay-Bo has peaked.

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