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01-28-2007, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
But there again Gretz that still doesn't add up.

He's just as good defensivly, but inferior physically and offensivly.

So he's not even superior in any one area, at best he's just as good.

At best in some areas Bo is just as good, in others there is a noticeable advantage towards Phaneuf who once again is still two years younger and more raw than Bo.

So what happens when they are the same age or Phaneuf developes out of that raw stage? When you start to add it up that doesn't paint a very close picture at all.

From everything you just described to me Phaneuf seems like the better guy now despite being younger and more raw. That doesn't paint a good picture for the future when that gap is very likely to only widen.

Offensively, it's very close if you ask me. Phaneuf has the potential to be better, but that's because he's the kind of defender that will go end-to-end more often. I don't think it's a matter of Bouwmeester not being able to do that, I think it's just that he's not overly aggressive, like Phaneuf. I think Bouwmeester has the talent to be just as good offensively, but more is asked of him defensively than Phaneuf. Bouwmeester does not have the defensive help that Phaneuf does, and if he did, I think you would see Bouwmeester do a lot more with the puck, like Phaneuf. There is no comparison physically, Phaneuf is the best open-ice hitter I've seen since Stevens. He is a complete monster when it comes to that. Otherwise, I just don't see Phaneuf being that far ahead in any other asset of the game.

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