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01-28-2007, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
But I don't think being the type who goes end to end is a bad thing. I think Phaneuf is on the better team for sure, but I wouldn't call his style overly aggressive. I also don't think more is being asked of BO on defense. The guy Phaneuf plays for in Calgary is the type who demands a complete game from him. I think we're equating his ability to jump into the play with that it somehow has to equal a defensive deficency which is not the case here. Simply put that would not be tolerated on that team.
I don't think it's a bad thing either, I also don't think that he's better offensively because of it. I think if Bouwmeester did it as much as Phaneuf, the offensive numbers between the two would be very similar.

I think more is being asked of Jay-Bo on defense because of the fact that Florida doesn't have the caliber of defenders that Calgary has.

I agree with you on the style of play Phaneuf has to play, a complete game, and I never said that his ability to jump into the play is creating a defensive deficiency. What I'm saying is that he's a high-risk high-reward type player. He'll jump into the play more to create offense while leaving his position. I'm watching Chicago vs Calgary on center ice as we speak, and I've seen Phaneuf lead the rush three times already.

What I'm saying is that Bouwmeester is more reserved in that sense, and will not do that as much as Phaneuf will. We might just never know if Bouwmeester is just as talented as Phaneuf. Bouwmeester from what I've seen is not the kind of player to lead the rush constantly. Does that necessarily mean that Bouwmeester is not as talented offensively as Phaneuf? Saying that would be making a blanket statement, if you ask me.

So the numbers are superior at a younger age, the physical aspects are better a younger age and and the defense is at least even. I still don't see it.

And one of the big key factors in this is at we're debating two guys with two years between them now, I don't see how that gap gets any closer as Phaneuf won't be to where Bo is until the year 2009.

At best it seems we can say that Bo is as good on defense as Phaneuf, despite being older and MAYBE if everything falls into place he MIGHT be as good offensivly. That still leaves out physical aspects, intimidation and where both players would be at the same age.

Phaneuf is no worse than slightly better than Bo at a younger age, that gap still looks to widen if we put them at the same age.
Intimidation is not a skill, it's a side-factor. Because Scott Stevens was more intimidating, that meant that he was a better defender than Ray Bourque? Physical aspects are one thing, but intimidation is a completely different story, I don't believe that makes a player better than another. It's basically a reputation.

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