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01-18-2014, 12:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Hammer8 View Post
The look on the faces and body language says it all.
Hall, frustrated beyond belief.
Hopkins, in lala land
Eberle, seems to be tuned right out
Gagner, zipperhead here is clued right out, worse than he's ever been
Perron seems to be getting pissed off
Hemsky, playing the best hockey in 4 years so he gets traded out if this ****show
Gordon looks dumbfounded, like what the hell did I get myself into here
Smyth, his usual clued out self
Yakupov, totally lost his confidence, it's plain as day
The entire defence, WTF wasn't that your man?
Bryzgalov, throwing sticks.

Eakins has lost the room. He is grasping at straws now, MacT will stick with him out of sheer stubbornness.
One of the most frustrating things, is Krueger had this team playing more systems than the supposed guru. To think people complained about this team being lost last year.

I still contend Eakins is that coach who is perfect for the AHL. He's that guy who can get less than skilled players to work their butts off and do everything just to get a shot to play in the league, but his techniques don't work with more of the skilled variety or veteran players. Just look at his run ins with Kadri and Gardiner.

He's in over his head with the inability to read and mesh personalities and skill sets. It's one thing if you're Bowman, Babcock or Hitchcock, who are respected and frighten even veteran players.

They had a coach who was getting production out of guys that seemingly look at Eakins with no respect. The guy they replaced is a master motivator. Eakins is simply a bully tactic coach with no bite. The fact he was even hired shows what horrible evaluators this mgmt team is.

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