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01-29-2004, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by tritone
Did you see Brendan Shanahan's comments about the Hot Dog? I personally think Don and Brendan together know more about hockey than mr.Demers....don't get me wrong , i like demers , but in this case i thought he made a total fool of himself when he got all upset and started stuttering , he looked like a little baby who couldn't control himself.
A little respect to the coach who bring our habs to their 24th stanley cup

Originally Posted by tritone
Don't you think it's a little hippocritical to praise Jacques Demers for calling Don Cherry a "tata" tr:*** (repeatedly) ... and a "gros niaiseux" when you're at the same time dogging Don Cherry for doing the exact same thing?
The difference is that Demers called Cherry a "tata" because he was giving a bad influence on kids who are playing hockey safety and for fun. Demer's comments were not racist against anyone, but were just for Cherry's bad attitude and influence on young hockey players

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