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01-18-2014, 10:46 AM
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Earlier on in the season, some were speculating Yakupov was maybe not a part of the team from a social perspective and was believed to be an outsider.

It is obvious the team is not playing for the new coach, who also continously throws Yakupov under the wheels of a fully loaded tractor-trailer, nevermind a bus while others get a free pass and praise.

We've all seen it in workplaces, be it past or present. The boss/supervisor just has it out for a certain person and wants nothing more for this person to be terminated or transferred. They do something wrong, they get yelled at and humiliated in front of their peers, in Yak's case-the press. They do something good, they don't even get a nod of the head and/or the boss still manages to find a fault in their good deed. Eventually, the other workers take notice of this single-ing out and begin to detest the boss, while feeling sorry/terrible for employee"X" because they are all on the same team. They also see themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place because they can't stand up to the boss and defend employee "X", because of the fear they will be next in line to be treated poorly. I think many players are tired of Eakins' constant Yak bash while others get an " did your best". Perhaps Yakupov is not an outsider and is a valued part of the team by his teammates, they are just tired of seeing him getting blamed all the time.

I can easily see something like this going in that locker room.

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