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01-18-2014, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by SKS View Post
I can guarantee you that management is very aware that 1.15 is not representative, and as media reports surfaced seemed to be team discount because of a difficult situation with Step. Based on my personal experience in negotiations it seems very likely that Zucc received some kind of "if you perform, you will be paid" incentive when he took that deal.

2.5-2.7 seems very far off to me. Best case for that money they would only be able to cover his one rfa year.

As for his value to other teams. Trust me, they are seeing what we are seeing and every GM with a line short of a playmaker like Zucc is drooling over him now
Edit: I almost wake myself from the nightmares of a 2nd Pitt line of Neal, Malkin, and Zucc. Just imagining such a scenario makes it evident to me that his value is high around the league.
He actually played with Malkin in Russia, but for some reason they didn't click that well. That is, they played some amazing hockey, but they didn't produce all that much and Maurice split them up and rode Malkin all the way untill the end of the lock out. Then the team collapsed as he didn't really have a back up plan.

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