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01-18-2014, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
The subject was why Hank sucked for so long. His accomplishments that no one questions have nothing to add to the conversation.

My points were as follows:

1. Lundqvist has always been able to elevate his game above his average by putting a lot of effort into the process only he knows.
2. He intentionally reserved that "elevation" for February, assuming he would play his average at season onset.
3. instead of playing his average in Oct through Dec he played way below it.
4. If there were no Olympics he might have reconfigured his scheme. And that would have allowed the Rangers to enjoy somewhat better results at this point of their season.
Did he 'intentionally' withhold his best knowingly? Or is this some subconscious auto pilot phenomenon that took place? Because I don't think I've often seen someone do something on purpose and then look and sound so depressed, forlorn, frustrated and unhappy about it.

It couldn't possibly just make more sense that with a contract negotiation and the Olympics looming he put a lot of pressure on himself. When he struggled and lost some confidence, plus lost starts to this new kid, he may have felt his chances of starting in Sochi were in danger as well. It couldn't just be that he had a lot on his plate, had a rough start, got behind the eight ball, struggled to get out in front of it for a while but slowly worked his form and confidence back into shape? Especially as the team in front of him became, at least slightly, more cohesive, he got his contract extension settled and behind him and then got officially named to Sochi, putting him at ease about things that may have been weighing on him? There's a lot of better explanation than the one you've manufactured.

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