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Originally Posted by Red Deer Rebel View Post
It may be financial as well. I heard Krueger had a 3 year contract, so they are still paying him for one more year after this.

If MacT fires Eakins, and hires a replacement, Katz will have 3 head coaches on the payroll at one time draining his bankroll. Pretty much an open and shut case of incompetent management if that situation arises.

The optics of this are not good for MacT. In fact, he pretty much bet the farm on Eakins, for some odd reason. The guy can't coach at the NHL level, and I've never been impressed by him from the moment I first listened to him when it was announced he was hired. Total blowhard.

Hard to imagine how MacT was so impressed by him during the interview. Hard to imagine how he remains so enthralled by him to this day.

"I couldn't be happier with the coaching" - MacT
It sure speaks volumes about the competence of the GM when he screws up the most important decision he's had to make since he was hired as badly as he did. It doesn't matter what player moves he makes if the man that he's trusted to enact his vision can't do anything with them. To stick with him for the sake of optics is the bigger mistake. I respect the man who can admit a mistake and then correct it and learn from it. A man who can't do this is a waste of time.

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