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Originally Posted by MrM View Post
Its really hard to say because so much is affecting them being as you say lazy. When we had Renney as coach that was 2 years ago. They would seemingly have progressed since then because he was bringing them along slowly, sheltering them in games. Would it have made a difference if he remained as coach, nobody knows.

Also, the laziness you refer to I feel a good portion is part of the loser mentality. They have given up, atleast somewhere in the back of their mind and that is why you see them play lazy.

If Scotty Bowman was our coach and he couldn't motivate our players, or implement a system so that we would be successful, I would trust him because he has pedigree. We just supposed to believe whatever Eakins tells us? Must be the players they just don't get it.
I think it really does come back to all the coach firings. Renney was fired in large part because he was sheltering the kids, benching them if they made mistakes and treating them like rookies who needed to earn their place. So they fired him and hired Kreuger in large part because the players liked him and the kids all of a sudden got free reign. Told it's their team go score goals. Now the GM is fired and a new one comes in and sees that they need more structure but the kids haven't ever had that kind of accountability before. Why bust your ass for the new coach who is expecting you to focus on things other than scoring when management has shown in the past the star players are untouchable and above reproach. They made the stars untouchable and they believe it so there is no motivation for them to try and buy in. Their coach was fired and the new guy doesn't want them on the highlight reels all the time. I think you have to keep Eakins just to show that the days of it all being the coaches fault are over even if he isn't the answer at coach. Maybe you need to trade one of the gang as well just to say to the players that yes they have to shoulder a lot of these issues themselves.

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