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01-18-2014, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by CanadianFlyer88 View Post
If he plays like he did early, the Flyers probably have to pay him $5.5M/year or walk away.

If he puts up a 0.905 sv% for the rest of the year, the Flyers sign him for $3M/year or walk away.

The Flyers got a happy medium here, and removes summer uncertainty. I'm not fully on the Mason train, but things have been more positive now surrounding the goaltending situation than any time in recent memory. The team wants to win for him and that's not anything I've heard consistently in post-game interviews over the last few years.

My biggest concern with Mason is what's between his ears. I don't trust that he's over whatever caused him to lose confidence in Columbus. However, the talent has never been a question.

Leighton has little NHL talent and I never believed he had the confidence to succeed as a starter (he cried with joy when he was interviewed after the ECF, when the job was far from over).

I never would have signed Leighton, at all.
Originally Posted by SCOREacek View Post
True, but at the same time, if he finished strong with no contract they'd be paying more than they are now. It works both ways.
Myself as well as many others would have gladly paid up another one mil or so potentially (since he doesn't have the track record to demand anything too large so he doesn't have a lot of leverage either way) if it meant more assurance that he's capable of being an actual NHL starter.

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