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01-29-2007, 09:43 AM
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Err, a few things.

First, consider how much youth the Rangers had on the team last season. Quite a few rookies, and some playing important positions. Most of them are still on the team, and you don't HAVE to introduce 6 new rookies each year or something.

I'm not terribly pleased with their record of introducing youth this season, but the fact is that they don't have a clear cut top player who they can ultimately feel comfortable sticking on a top line.

Many of us would argue that they should give someone like Dawes or Immonen a shot to adjust to such a position, but if the Rangers aren't ready to do that then it's still not an indicator that they never will. I may disagree with it and think they should give a guy like Immonen some more time, but it could be they just aren't high on him and would give someone like Dubinsky more time when he's ready.

Second, you're talking like the trade speculating we do on this board is what the Rangers brass is actually doing. Yeah, we talk about who could be traded for what, but that's not an accurate reflection of what the Rangers are doing. We don't know at all what the Rangers are doing, and stories from reporters are always suspect at best. The Rangers could be interested in Forsberg for the right price, but not be willing to trade any youth of importance. All our yammering on the board is just fans making up crap. Don't take it to be the literal truth of what the Rangers plans are.

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