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01-29-2007, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Hank19 View Post
Well my rink is a disaster. Where I live you're lucky if you can get a weeks worth of pond hockey but the last 3 weeks have been terrific and yet I'm crying because of my stupid rink.

I got one of those Ice-N-Go kits and one thing they neglect to tell you is that your site has to be almost 100% level. You can only be off by maybe 1/4 inch.

The result is me watching the water roll off the back of my 'rink'. I tried shoveling snow and creating a snow frame. I even froze it. But it still looks horrible.

Next year I'll be building one out of barn planks. It just sucks because if I had done that from the get-go, I would have been skating with my 3 year old son by now.
Hmm...well my dad made one for us every year before they had the "rink in a boxes" kits. He used to box it off with with boards all the way around and then vapour barrier it. He would put the vapour barrier up over the boards so it would esentially be a big plastic covered box. Then he just added water. Every day he would go out and "Water the ice".

We have a giant squigee so when the ice got thicker we just squigeed the water around. If there was an ice bubble we would crack it and put slush in it and refreeze it.

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