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Originally Posted by bigmango View Post
Kruger was not perfect but he brought a team that was falling apart as a result of terrible management back to life a couple of times last season. The team sagged every time they lost a center through injury and management refused to do anything, but Kruger got them to hang tough and regain belief in their ability to compete. But watching useful players go by the waiver wire and doing nothing at the trade deadline when they we actually in the playoffs was the last straw, it was obvious that management wanted them to fail so that Tambo could be axed and an old boy hired in his place. A much poorer team went to war for Kruger and then watched him get stabbed in the back over the summer by Lowe and MacT. Anyone surprised that most of the players can't stand the whole situation and Kruger's replacement? This season is pure karma for Lowe and MacT and stems from their betrayal of the team last year. Think it's bad now? Just wait till Hall asks for a trade this summer. Ladies and gentlemen...............your Atlanta Thrashers.
Absolutely. In all seriousness guys. I haven't been out here but a year but how do people feel about this ownership?? It's apparent that Lowe and MacT are so far in over their heads it's almost laughable. Does anyone see ownership canning these two and bringing in actual hockey brains??

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