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01-18-2014, 10:07 PM
Cake or Death
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MZA took a dirt low salary and, after doing so, went about his business like a true professional. I wouldn't insult the guy with anything under $4M per and I'd easily pay him over $5M. It's much more than his scoring: the dude is such a dynamic player and brings such versatile value to the team. Jumps into any line and seems to consistently make the players he's with better; has consistently been our best back checking forward this season and sometimes out best checking forward; must be working hard off the ice cuz he seems to continually improve; almost always shows up and plays hard, even when a lot of guys were complete no shows, which speaks volumes. Over and beyond stats, this guy is just such a dynamic and important forward for this team, and has the hockey IQ, skill and will that enables him to be one of the team's most consistent. I value what this guy brings to the team very highly. I'd pay him right, make him very happy, and give him a salary that inspires him to want to play even harder and get even better, because he still seems to have room to grow and every indication is that he will.

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