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Sorry for the bump on this, but I ran across the forum (specifically this thread) while doing a search online for blades.

I'm guessing that I'm likely in the same league as alanschu (required to use the DOM shaft), and in very much the same predicament. I've checked out the link for the mylec blades, and those look promising, but I have another question as well.

Another guy on my team has a blade he picked up a few years ago, it's a no-name plastic precurved blade (very similar to a Lindros curve) that doesn't seem to suffer from the same floppiness that I've run into with the couple of blades that I've tried out thus far. The other difference is that it doesn't fit over top of the shaft, but rather into it, still needs to be screwed as I don't believe it had glue, but that point I'm not 100% on.

The place he got it from doesn't have anymore, and of course the employees are clueless as to where they may have gotten it from, so I was wondering if anybody here may have run across anything similar. I'm anticipating having to order online, or put together a group order for our team to get some, so that isn't necessarily an obstacle on our side. The Mylec Power looks to be close, but what he has definitely doesn't have their markings, and are their blades precurved or do you do that after purchase?

And yes, I know it's not the ideal situation/league for using great gear, but we're playing this coed league for fun moreso than competition, I'd just like to get the stiffest possible plastic blade I can.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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