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01-19-2014, 01:44 AM
Oscar Limburger
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Also, I saw American Hustle and Dallas Buyer's Club today.

I was HUGELY disappointed with Jennifer Lawrence's performance after hearing the mountains of hype unloaded on her. She was good, and she's a very talented actress, but no way does she deserve an Oscar for her performance. I thought Amy Adams was far and away the best performer in the movie.

The movie itself was alright, but as David O. Russel does the movie unhinged a little more than halfway through and never came back.

DBC was great. McConaughey and Leto deserve the awards they're gonna win for their performances.

However, the best movie i've seen this year is BY FAR Spike Jonze's Her, and i'm so disappointed with the lack of love it got. In my opinion it should be a lock for Best Original Screenplay, and I thought Joaquin Phoenix was better than Christian Bale, and maybe even just as good as Leo in WoWS, both guys nominated for best actor. It's not really getting much buzz for anything and that really upsets me.

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