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Originally Posted by BBKers View Post

These are the "Renney regular players" that have played most games - in a plethora of combinations - on the 3rd & 4th line this season. This is interesting and probably saying a lot about the teams failure to win close games:

Hollweg 48 GP 0 goals -8
Betts 48 GP 6 goals -1
Hossa 46 GP 2 goals -10
Ward 45 GP 4 goals -2
Hall 45 GP 4 goals -12
Orr 27 GP 0 goals 0

Total 259 GP 16 goals +/- of -33
Average per game = 0,06 goals per player/game

These are the other people - "Renneys experiments" - that have been (mostly) stinting in on the 3rd/4th lines (although there is no consistency here in what line they actually played)

Immonen 11 GP 1 goal -2
Krog 4 GP 1 goal +4
Ibister 2 GP 1 goal -1
Ortmeyer 8 GP 1 goal +3
Callahan 2 GP 0 goal 0
Dawes 8 GP 1 goal -4

TOTAL 35 GP 5 goals +/- of 0
Average scoring per game = 0.15 goals per player/game

Kinda says something - although statistics can definitely be decieving - about the "regulars" and the "experiments" team contributions and offensive efficiency ...

The +/- stats here for the regulars are also very disheartening compared to the experiments. I also know that these 2 bottom lines main focus and goal is to shut down oppositions better lines and to play the PK well - but for each of these lines combined to score only one goal ON THE AVERAGE only once in almost every third game (less at even strength really actually) is just not cutting it.

This lack of offensive contribution (and also on the defense - especially on the PP where the Rangers have the worst league production on D with only 5 PP goals all year) is probably the major contributing factor to the amount of lost games and points so far. Hence still being out of playoff position. Secondary factors are lousy defense by both blueliners & forwards, inconsistent goaltending /better as of late/, terrible powerplay efficiency /worse as of late/, general coaching and line composition/tactics, general team spirit and divided leadership....

There have to be better solutions using the "experiments" + some other untried Wolfpack youth or trading for someone - the sooner the better. 2-3 of these spots (I am targetting in on Ward, Hall, Orr and ev Hossa) are just not contributing and should be moved to make space for others their efforts as this just did not work here at this time.

Cullen should be an excellent nr 3 center (I am assuming he is VERY difficult to move now with his $$ contract). Find a real nr 1/nr 2 Center to complete Prucha & Shanny a s a p PLEASE. From within or through acquisition!
And from that here's who I'd replace who with who.

I replace Ward, Hall, and Orr with Ortmeyer, Callahan, and Krog

And at some point I'd replace Hollweg with Dawes/Korpedo.

I wanna keep Hossa and Betts because I believe they still offer something to the team. Betts is great on faceoffs which helps his PK skills. Hossa has great size and though his stats are still down he has looked a lot better this year. So those two I still wanna give a little more time to.

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