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Originally Posted by Mr Positive View Post
There's no point in wondering about all the terrible aspects of Eakins' coaching methods.

He's going to be here for a while. I would say that they won't consider firing him until the end of next season. Every indication points to that.

As of right now, I'm not impressed with Eakins but I know that evaluating coaches is not as simple as wins and losses. There is always a huge margin for error, and so I'm willing to see if Eakins can learn from his failures this season. Combined with some major roster changes, we might start next season with all the important lessons learned and ready to take the next step (success in the standings)

In hindsight, I think that firing Krueger was the right move, but replacing him with a rookie coach was the wrong move.
Firing Krueger was a mistake on all accounts regardless of who they brought in. He's the first coach to teach these idiots some decent defending and they actually bought in and learned it, to an extent. He also struck me as a lot more self reflective and cerebral than Eakins, traits imo that would of paid dividends for this team long term and make him a more able to adapt and create superior systems over time. Eakins has yet to make whatever system he is using any better in 48+ games. It shouldn't take a full season to see some improvements but yet there is 0, where as certain players did improve over time last season.

Instead they looked for a quick fix because they think their professional athletes haven't done enough miles on the bike and that's the reason they couldn't often put 60 minutes together. Seems rather farfetched.

Eakins also strikes me as overly arrogant on how he can play his players, which leads me to believe he doesn't know their strengths and weaknesses. I can tell this when he says bull**** like (paraphrase) "Well players should be able to play at any position on the ice".

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